Wilson Family Farm has been farming chestnuts in the rich, sandy loam river bottom soil of the feather river in Butte County, California for over 20 years. We got our start farming, packing, and marketing chestnuts for a number of different growers. After years of experience, we saw the potential of this beautifully stubborn tree and decided to plant our own orchards. We grew our trees out from seeds started in our nursery and grafted them to the Japanese / European hybrid Colossal which is known for its size and taste, along with the Silverleaf and Nevada varieties. Over the years, our chestnut plantings caught the attention of other neighbors who decided to join the chestnut revolution with us and plant their own orchards. With that, The Chestnut Connection was born. We are your source for farm fresh sweet California chestnuts. We sell anything from truckloads to large distributors and grocery chains, to just a couple of pounds shipped direct to your door to enjoy with your family and loved ones. Chestnut harvest starts the first week of September through the second week of October and the nuts will store into December. So get them before we run out and you have to wait another year!